The City of Oxford

Oxford is home to prestigious Oxford university and is steeped in history and tradition whilst also being a city that is growing and adapting to include the evolving high tech community in its Science and Business Parks. Experience an overnight stay at Oxford university halls of residence and a chance to explore all that the university has to offer. The historic buildings and beautiful setting make Oxford the perfect place to relax, shop and find out more about study and industry opportunities in this stunning city.



Charlotte (GCSE Student)


Jenn was my tutor during my GCSE years and helped me with my English studies. She helped me to understand complex ideas and I felt much more confident approaching my exams. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a tutor who will inspire and support exam success.


Haicha (French Student)


This year my school organised an amazing 5 day road trip to England. We visited Chester, Manchester, Liverpool and Coventry. My friend and I were lucky to be welcomed by Iain, Jenn and her family – I enjoyed every second I spent there.


Ozlem (French Student)


My stay in our tour home was very good and instructive. I had everything I wanted. There was Wifi available so we could communicate with our parents. Jenn, Iain and the family were very cool and they speak a lot with the students. So, I recommend a stay in this family.


Jordan (Alegerian Student)


I was able to practise my English with Jenn – she was kind and open minded and over dinner we talked about everything and nothing. I really appreciated the lovely meals and chats with the family. Jenn was like a second mum! Being in a hotel doesn’t come close to staying with a family.